Data Scraping is not extracted data in UiPath

I need to extract the table data, when i tried to use Data Scraping option, header is extracted but data is not extracted, please help me on this

This table “Table Key Fields” is inside the Excel file.

Hi @narasareddykr

Use Click Activity and use copy selected text activity and then use write range activity

Ashwin S

Thanks Aswin!,
When i used click activity on 0th row it woks click, when i used “Copy selected text” data is not getting( i mean result NULL), when i used “Get Text” result is NULL, not retrieved the data.

@narasareddykr once you start datascraping from uistudio, have your mouse move hover the datatable on browser page where datatable is visible. Then “click” on one cell/field of table on browser page. With this click UiPath would be able to identify the table as datatable. See attached screen shots as example, extracted from webpage -

Hope this helps.

Happy RPAing!!

Thanks Keshar!,
You example is ok, but my one need to extract from table inside excel file

@narasareddykr assume you have used “ReadRange” of Excel under App Integration to read data from excel to a DataTable!! if not, please try using Read Range activity by providing path to the excel file. Check attached, I made for reference to mimic your excel data. Specify the range for data table rather than using data scraping which is perhaps not supported to get data from excel sheet.

If this is not working, can you attach clear screenshot of excel / sheet / page to see what exactly the table is like.


Happy RPAing