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hi im newbie and
I’m trying to record a desktop sequence and select an item from a pull-down menu in an ibm system, and I can not select the item because menu disappears. Any idea of ​​how I can select the item from the pull-down menu?

thank you!

this article explains how to use the record function:

Another option is to use a keyboard shortcut if that is supported for the menu item.

Hi there @warterritory,
Have you consider the Select Item Activity?

Documentation on it can be found below:

This would be the easiest method, if it’s supported.

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Hey use Select Item Activity and provide your desired Pull-down menu item as an string in the item field.

You can try two click activities by the help of UI Explorer you can create selector for them.

Alternatively you can use hover and click.

See these


Hi. Thank you all for your answers, but I have solved it in another way. I had to move the shortcut to the access bar, and I could click without any problem.


Can you please explain how ? Facing the same issue.

Please any one can say the solution for following scenario which is how to mouse hover and click the sub menu item? this the my question i am struggling in this step so please answer this as soon as possible.


Maybe not the best solution, but I solved it with one click to open the menu, then a second click anchored to the same menu button but with a y offset.