Hover Based Submenu Selection

Hi Team,

I have an application to automate , which have submenus which come and go as we hover over them . I can;t show the application here, but found out a demo application with same issue with UIPath that I have


In this Above link,

Can anyone try and see if they are able to click and go through below menu sequence ?

Dropdown1 -> Another Dropdown -> Action.

Its disappearing whenever we select Menu or try to record.

Hover Text and Select don’t work either.

Please Advice.


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@iVaibhav Take a Look at Some of the Suggestions in this post.

I was able to perform clicks on the Inner Dropdown as I have mentioned in that post. Check the below Workflow:
Data Scraping.xaml (9.6 KB)

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Thanks @supermanPunch for working out a workflow for this.

After I rechecked my Application with The link I sent, The Menu flow is similar but the reaction is different .

Based on the Discussion on the link you sent, When I pause using F2 , The submenu( Lets call it B ) appears, but as soon as time is up, it disappears.

If I keep my mouse pressed over B after pausing, it The Menu altogether disappears and I end up selecting the element behind the Menu, ( something else in the Screen )

If I keep my Mouse Pressed on A and repeat same process, The menu behaves same by disappearing

So The Normal behaviour is that A does not allow itself to be clicked, We can only hover . If you click it , it will disappear. We can only click Submenu Items and they don’t show up when we Either Record Screen or try to capture output.

so here we can use one activity to achieve this

–its more like how we use only keyboard without mouse to navigate across different sub elements using tab and enter
–use the same way to navigate with tab or enter key with send hot key activity and we can achieve this easily with n number of send hot key activity until we reach the field we want

Cheers @iVaibhav

Thanks @Palaniyappan for the suggestion.

I tried the Hotkey way, It does take me to the menu and lists Menu Entries , But there is no Hotkey or combination of keys which lets me open the submenu. It seems only Mouse click works

Not sure why its not capturing hover based menus . Most Web based application have such similar menus.

Hmm did we try with right key in that activity
Like right arrow key

Cheers @iVaibhav

Yup …

Tried all Arrow Keys, Ctrl + right , Alt-Right, Space and even A, D, W , X.

Still we got some methods
Find children activity can help us here with its desandants as scope
With that Uielement we can click the element by passing as input to ELEMENT property in click activity

Cheers @iVaibhav

@iVaibhav Ok. When you do the Clicks manually, the result will be the Value that you have Clicked visible in the First Dropdown Menu right ?

Hi @supermanPunch,

I am able to reach option D fine, with Text and Hover , and till the Hover Activity, I am also able to see the Suboptions of D

The issue is, I can neither Left Click on Option D nor do a right click to get suboptions.

The Suboptions of D only open when D is hovered , as soon as I click it, menu disappears, and I end up selecting what is behind the menu,

Without Clicking, how do I get Elements/values of Suboptions without clicking ?

@iVaibhav Can you tell me what happens when you click the SubOption that you want (Manual Way) ? Will it redirect to a new Page or Will the Dropdown have the Value that you have selected?


When I click on the Submenu Manually, The Page Remains same,

It refreshes the Data Table according to the submenu selected,

The Top Menu then shows the Suboption that i selected as current selection.

I think now I understood your Question right. Thanks for Clarifying.

@iVaibhav Yes. In that case, Can you Select the Sub Option manually so that the Dropdown has that value as it’s selected value, then use Type Into Activity and Indicate the Dropdown that has that Selected value. If it Works, then Open the Selector of Type Into in UiExplorer, make sure the Selector is Valid and check if any of the Attribute contain the Selected value.

And one more thing is your Application a Desktop or Web based ?

OK, Let me try this and get back .

The Application is Web Based.

@iVaibhav Great. If the Application is Web based and the Selected Value is visible in the Attributes, then you can use Set Web Attribute instead of Type Into Activity. But we would need to look at the Selectors of the Dropdown that you have Selected to give more explanation on the right thing.