How to Select Webpage sub menu

Hi Guys

This my first post here in this forum. I have searched and could not find an exact answer for this, so asking here.

Im trying to navigate through to “Search Change in BMC Remedy”


I have tried the following already: Hover > pause > mouse click. The problem is, the sub menu pops up during the pause duration but when the recording starts the sub-menu goes off making it difficult to “click” on it.

I tried exploring the UIexplorer to refine the editors, but im just a Rookie… Any help is appreciated


Hi Kavitha,

If you hit F2 while recording, you can delay the recording for a couple seconds.
Try hit F2 and then click hover/click on the menu, and then click the submenu after the delay is over.
If the submenu disappears when the delay is over, try clicking on the area anyway and check the Simulate Click property on the Click Activity afterwards.

Thanks. It worked