Issue with clicking a item in web browser dropdown


Just doing a bit of web portal automation. Basically, I need to select an item that appears after a higher level item on the menu is clicked.

The issue I am having, using the record after a delay, is that the menu still disappears before I can click an item in it.

Have attached a gif of the behaviour I am seeing.

Any idea how I can click it?

I understand you are trying to click on a sub-menu item (link) after hovering over main menu item. Script attached for clicking Community Support link after hover over About menu
Main.xaml (7.6 KB)

let me know this idea resolved your issue.

There is a delay in selection by pressing F2 while recording. please give a try.

Thanks - But I do press F2 in the video, the countdown occurs in the bottom right.

Thank @karunakart - but that doesn’t.

That menu is not activated with a hover, but rather with a click.

So in that video, I start recording, delay, just before delay finishes I click the menu and it pops, but as soon as the delay finishes the menu disappears before I can click the sub item.

This seems odd. But you could try assuming that the selector for that button is identical to the selector for the first click you make but just a different word.

So if the first word is “Business Intelligence”, and your selector looks something similar to this:
“< name='Business Intelligence” tag=‘A’ \>"

Then you might be able to change the word to the word of the next button, like “Reporting”

This may also require the “Click Text” Activity instead.


I faced same issue long back on my WF. I did following process.

1.Click on main menu.
2. Click on Benchmark submenu (this is the one which is not visible directly- same as what you are trying to click)

I created a click activity with the 1st step
added one more Click activity as a 2nd step and manually (Not in the recording mode) clicked on the child menu and found the URL information.
Copied 1st step click activity’s selector and modified URL information from 2nd Menu Click and completed two steps.

In this step by step creation will avoid direct recording. Hope my inputs are useful.