Not to Perform the Activity - Mouse Hover an element and click an element in the display list



Hi Team,

I am not able to perform the Mouse Hover an element and click an element.

  1. Go the Flipkart Site.
  2. Mouse hover on any header site. Eg: Electronics
  3. Click an item in the list. Eg: Apple.

Also, Not able to capture the this scenario in the Record.

I have referred the below guidance but it is not worked out.

Could you please take a look on this scenario and provide a solution to achieve this one.

Thanks in advance.

By Kannan.


Hi @kannan.nageswaran

Could you specify what your issue is? It seems to be working for me, but I struggled for a second with getting the selector for the “Apple” menu. I achieved that by:

  • opening UiExplorer
  • clicking on selector arrow: image
  • using the F2 key to temporarily disabling the selection arrow (it disables it for 3 second, you will see the counter in the bottom right corner of your screen)
  • then hovering over ‘Electronics’ to open the dropdown
  • and finally clicking on ‘Apple’ right after the selection gets activated
    (you might want to be fast here as the hover menu will disappear quite quickly)

See this very simple xaml file for reference. It is done manually, without the Record feature.
FlipcartNavigateToElectronicsApple.xaml (7.5 KB)