Finding Web Menu Dropdown child items

How to select the child item from web menu item which is not loaded by hovering thru?

I also gone thru the below link, I can understand if the menu and the child elements loads while hovering we can select the items using UI explorer. In my case the menu loads when you click the item any suggestions to get the child item?

Which item are you referring here?

Item I refer here is menu item, for eg In my case in my webpage I have menus like “Menu1”, “Menu2”. When you click(not hover) “Menu1” it will show the child menus. For Eg “ChildM1”,“ChildM2”. I want select “ChildM1”.

Using web recording it can select and click the item “Menu1” and it can not identify the child menus. I tried with UI explorer as well and it shows only properties of “Menu1”. I can not see any child items.

Please note, when I compare this behavior in IE and Firefox. In IE the menu shows the child menu for click action where in mozilla firefox the menu shows the child menu by hovering thru. The application is forced to run in compatibility mode in IE.

Don’t do recording, do this way

  1. Drop Click Activity —> Indicate Menu1
  2. Drop Second Click Activity
  3. Indicate on screen
  4. Click F2 on your keyboard (gives 3 second delay to click on Menu)
  5. Click on ChildM1 (If you don’t see try F2 again and click on Menu)

Thanks! Tried with the steps not able to capture the click action for the child menu and throws the error.

What type of application are you using? Is it Java based?

yes, Its java web app. hosted in apache server I guess.

Have you installed the jave extention from setup tab?

For IE no need of java installation.

Finally switched to Firefox to make it work. In IE the child menu is not able to access from uipath. What I found is, in IE the child menu is loaded behind the Java frame hence it’s not able to capture the elements.

Thanks all for your support.

hey Balramrv,

I ran into same kind of issue you lodged into. I have followed the step you mentioned and I even tried to capture the selector from Mozilla firefox too, but I am getting the below error. So any suggestions or help on this would be much appreciated.



Hi Siddartha,

I hope you have installed Firefox extension and tried. Have you tried to use the Ui Explorer to select the element?


Yes, I have installed firefox extension and tried to select the element with the help of UI Explorer only.

Hi Siddartha,

What type of web application? did you check the elements using the developer tools? If its java applet application you can check the recommended JRE is used.


I have eventually used the following workaround:

  1. Insert “Attach Browser” activity.
  2. In the “Do” block, insert a “Navigate to” activity.
  3. In the URL field, enter the URL corresponding to the menu item.

Hello @vvaidya, I tried as you have mentioned… on Step #4, when I press F2 key on Menu1 the child menu pop up comes up and then if I do mouse click on the Child menu item (within 3 seconds), it’s going to childmenu page directly, without capturing the Click event in Click activity. Am I doing something wrong?