Level3 Assignment1 and Assignment2



We need deadly help on Level 3 Assignment 1 and 2… We are unable to complete Assignments by following both you tube videos and UiPath document (Calculate Client Security Hash).
Since two weeks we are working on assignment…

Priya :slight_smile:


Please share error details(Screenshot) so that I can help you


how to do this process… not understand


They mean, simply drag an empty sequence activity beneath the Invoke KillAllProcesses action. Then in that sequence you invoke the four created workflows.


Hi- Add one new Sequence just below the Kill process activity and call Four Sequences( which are mentioned in the instruction document) into it.



Hi Nitesh,

Did u finish the Level 3 advanced assignment (calculate client security hash) program…
reply sir, we need help.

Priya :slight_smile:


Yes, I have completed Advance Certification.


this is my mail id plz help us and possible send the file

help us
Priya :slight_smile:


Hi @Priyahk ,
This is a certificate training course and nobody is encouraged to cheat here :slight_smile:
Bring us all the problems we’ll be glad to help you.
No direct solutions though!


actually since two weeks we are trying to complete… its very need at my office


May i please know what problems you are facing?

Also, check out these links :

There’re definately challenging but i’m sure you’ll get through with some help! :slight_smile:


calculate client security hash… document loo page no: 9
we are truck at how to declare this at where…

Priya :slight_smile:


My friend @niteshn just posted a screenshot of the same!
Was it not clear enough?


not clear…
actually for three files… Syste1_login, System1_Navigate, System1_extract i did not use invoke for (System1_Navigate, System1_extract) how…?


Have you created all the workflows that are supposed to be invoked there?

Having done so,in the main file you only have to drag in a sequence below killallproccesses as shown in the screenshot and then invoke workflows in the order given in the walkthrough and also as seen in the screenshot by @niteshn

Then you have to give appropriate values to the arguements!


Hi ,

I have completed the first assignment SHA1 workflow, but in the second one i am getting the selector errors, UiPath can’t identify the selectors which i have selected successfully earlier time.
as a result the process is breaking and i am not able to complete the workflow.

For example, I have selected the message box, for report unavailable, now sometimes it is not recognizing the same(object is no longer valid) and the flow fails.

Also after the first selection of month (january) once the flow is done, for second month onwards the selection and button click is very slow, delaying the process to complete. Taking much longer time for the same selections.
Can anyone help.


HAs this been resolved or u still need help?