Problem with Walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash page 10

Open the Framework\GetTransactionData workflow o Update the annotation for the current process. o Add an input argument for the array of Work Items. o Remember that our Transaction Item is one object in the Work Item array. We can have a new transaction only if the transaction number is less than or equal to the index of the array element. o Add an If activity to check if there is any new transaction to process.
:black_small_square: In the Then section, use an Assign activity to set the value of the output Transaction Item argument according to its index.
:black_small_square: In the Else section, set the Transaction Item value to Nothing.
o This is what the Get Transaction Data sequence looks like:

Please check this again. The error is correct.

how can i resolve this

I have the same error, I do not know how to convert a DataRow into QueueItem, please if you solve it publish the answer

Hi guys,

I know it can get frustrating, but please pay more attention to details. The work item is a DataRow array. So the Transaction Item being an object in the work item array => try changing the variable type of TransactionItem to DataRow.

Let me know if it works. Cheers!


the data type was changed but now the error is in the activity Get Transaction Item showing the same error


same error here datarow can´t be converted in queueItem the error its solved in the assign activity, but appear in add queueitem activity

Get transaction item is present in the Framework. The annotation says: Description: Get data from spreadsheets, databases, email, web API or UiPath server queues.
So, in the Walkthrough, it is stated: This is what the Get Transaction Data sequence looks like(and screenshot inserted there, without that activity)
Remove that activity and check.


Hey Guys, did you resolve it ?

could somebody help me ? :pray:


So you’re asking how to convert Datarow to DataTable?
So in essence how to Copy (it) To Data Table? :wink:

Hey, if you want to create a new datatable with the filtered rows, just put .CopyToDataTable on the end (like @andrzej.kniola hinted at lol).

However, if you just want to process those rows but keep the original datatable then I would recommend processing the rows as an array of datarows, and you can also change WList to the type Array[DataRow] if that’s the case, which will let you change values in the row which updates the original datatable.



@ClaytonM Good idea! Did you do it ? like above, right ?

Guys, am I in the right way ?

I change the “out_TransactionItem” argument with type of var “QueueItem” to “DataRow” type of var.


To exclude the “Get Transaction Item” from the workflow.

ThankU All !!!


I need a help How would i config excel file Claculate_Client_SecurityHash can you send me your config file


Config.xlsx (12.9 KB)

carlos how you do the transaction id ?

Even I have stucked here.
i am unable to retrieve this Wlist . How did u do that?

Thank You