Calculate Client Security Hash assignment submission

Hi All,

I’m facing problem in this client security hash, Actually I’ve created the workflow and submitted it
but its showing me failed but the work flow is working without any interruptions, can any one suggest me what to do with this ? please help me

Hello @Vanishree_Matta,
Can you try the following:

  • Verify that the output panel in your Studio is showing no warnings/errors after execution.
  • Please verify in the ACME test site that the changes made are actually being reflected there. Simplest way to check is to verify if the WI5 work items are showing a status of “Completed”.
  • Make sure that you DO NOT reset the test data before submitting the assignment.
  • Submit the assignment in a zipped folder.

If you’ll still get a failing mark, please upload your assignment here so that we may try and give you an advice on what to change/fix.

Happy automating, stay safe & healthy! :vulcan_salute:


Hello @BenMar

Ya ill check right now and update you
Thank you so much

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hello @BenMar
the workflow is running without any interruption for last transaction im getting the error
please find the screen shot attached

please help me i have spent almost 20 days on this assignment please

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@Vanishree_Matta, can you make sure that the TransactionNumber value is 1 not 0.
Can you send a screen shot of your Main.xaml variables?

Also, I think it would be easier if you were to upload your assignment here so that I can check everything, and advice you better, if that’s OK with you.

No worries, I’ll help you finish this assignment.


hello @BenMar

please find the screen shot of main.xaml variables

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hello @BenMar
im sending you the (517.7 KB)

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please help me complete this please

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No worries, I’ll take a look at your assignment and get back to you ASAP.

Ya sure but please make it ASAP please

Hey, @Vanishree_Matta. Sorry it took a while, my studio was acting up.
Anyway, I found the issue, made some changes, giving it one last test run to see if everything is fixed.
I’ll update you once the final run is complete.

okay thank you so much…

@Vanishree_Matta, I fixed the “outside of array bounds” issue, but upon checking the result in the ACME test site, I also found an issue with your “Update work item” workflow, I’ll try debugging the workflow and reply back once everything is working perfectly.

Hello @Vanishree_Matta, I apologize again for the late response.
Anyway, I’ve completed and checked everything and it all seems to be working as expected now.
There were only few and minor changes to be made as you did a fantastic job with your assignment and everything else seemed to be in order.

  • Changes:

    • Kill Process workflow: please change the Process name from “iexplorer” to “iexplore” as it’s the correct process name.

    • Outside of array bounds Issue:

      • Main.xaml > Change the TransactionNumber variable value from 0 to 1
      • Get transaction Data > Verify the assign value for:
        out_TransactionItem = dt_Workitems (in_TransactionNumber -1)
    • Note:

      • Setting the default value of TransactionNumber to 1 will make sure that the ReFramework start its count from 1, but since arrays start at 0 we need to add a minus 1, in order for the WIList array to be counted properly.
      • Setting the default TransactionNumber value to 0 should also work, but we must remove the TransactionNumber-1 in the Get Transaction Data, to avoid the array out of bounds issue.
    • Update Work items workflow:

      • This was a mistake on my part, apologies for that. No changes need to be made here.
  • Give it a try, and verify that no warnings or errors pop up in the output panel.

  • Verify that the changes are reflecting in the ACME test site.

  • Do not reset your Test data before submitting.

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so I’ve to make these changes in my workflow And let You know

Thank you

Hi Ben I have Submitted my assignment but still im getting the result as failed but
ive done many test runs, why its happening i dont know.
please find the screen shot attached

I have checked output panel there are no errors And not even a warning please if you can help me please…

@Vanishree_Matta, hmm. It worked perfectly during my test run. Let me recheck everything.

  • Can you send me a screen shot of the output panel after executing the process. Or better yet, can you send me the execution logs?
  • Also have you verified that the changes were made in the ACME test site (i.e Status = Completed)?
  • Also, did you make sure not to reset the test data before submitting the assignment?

No worries, I’ll help you out.

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@Vanishree_Matta, workflow-wise everything seems OK, but I noticed something while debugging the workflow, I double checked in my previous test-run execution logs as well.

Notice, that the Processing Transaction log is starting at 2 instead of 1. It seems that the Transaction process is being incremented by 1 before each transaction is started. I didn’t notice this before, I apologize for that.

This could be the reason why you’re getting a failing mark. The fix is simple though, simply move the assign activity ( TransactionNumber = TransactionNumber + 1 ) in the GetTransactionData State below/after the Invoke GetTransaction Data workflow and move it below/after the Invoke ProcessTransaction workflow in the Process Transaction State.

After making this move, verify that the Processing transaction log is starting at 1 and that no errors/warning are appearing in the output panel.

Kindly tell me the result before submitting the assignment.

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Hello @BenMar

The assign activity is below the Get Transaction Data workflow only.
Please find the Screen shot Attached


please find the screen shot of output panel after execution, there are no errors and not even warnings