Level3 Assignment1 and Assignment2



How to start?


Hope you have UI path installed in your PC.
Follow the ‘walk through PDF’ step-by step to start with the assignment.


I installed Uipath in my PC.
which “walk through PDF” i want to follow.


@Sandeepdesabathula You can download the PDF from academy in Assignment Page which you are currently attempting,




Is your query solved i can help you further



i opened framework template,after that what hoe to do further process.


First you need to create reusable component like login


Did you complete level 3 assignments?


yes i have.


Even though by following pdf i am not able to complete.Please help me from starting onwards.



Is anyone able to complete the Assignment 2 in Level 3? I have completed the Assignment 1 using chrome, but Assignment2 not working in chrome, I shifted all the code to IE, still I have additional problem now.

I could do the NavigaateTo while using the chrome, but after changing the same to IE that is not working now.

However in the chrome, I have the issue to download the monthly report as the dropdown list of values for each month is not getting selected.

Those who completed could you please provide some steps what are you doing to below scenarios.

  1. How to select the Popup windows to close the confirmation alerts?
  2. How are you selecting the dropdown items when “Select Item” is not working ?



Finally I could complete all the Levels of training courses. Here are the few simple tips for the developers.

  1. If you are using the “Chrome” or other browsers then may be it won’t work. Make sure you use “IE” which works fine.
  2. When you are attaching the window just select the Body of the html page, don’t select the browser location or header parts.
  3. If you are facing the problem to select the items in the drop-down list, then select the do this in two steps:
    a) Select the indicate on screen, go to the screen, then press F2 button to pause for 3 seconds, mean time within the three seconds select the drop-down button and the required item and wait to complete the 3 seconds. As soon as the three seconds are over then the item is available for select mode with highlight, click it immediately. (If you delay the last click then you will not be able to capture well you have to this step again)
  4. While downloading the monthly reports, in the IE browser settings there is a radio button which should be disabled, so that the browser will ask each time when you download a file. This helps us to automate the monthly reports downloading to our target directory in process and record them.
  5. Finally, your process must have two parts, one part is Dispatcher to read the workItems and upload into the Queue configured in Orchestrator. Second process read the WIID from the queue and then complete the Performer process.
  6. Before you upload your code zipped file into the assignment, all the items WI4 should be processed and they need to be in Completed status along with the Comment section updated with its corresponding Uploadid (an encrypted key received when you upload the yearly report file).
  7. The yearly report file can have only one sheet (say sheet1) and all the monthly records need to be appended there.

These are the the tips that helps to complete the task quickly.

All the best.



Hello Hari,

Need help for level 3 Assignment # 1.
Can you share your file to my id ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Priya did u get the Level 3 advanced assignment (calculate client security hash) program ?
If yes, please share. Thanks


Call me on <Please do not share your personal details on the public forum>


@Sunil_Singh hi
Where you are struck.


Hi , from today i need to work on Assignment 1, i just have a confusion that how to start? whether i need to run a loop on all 15 items or we have to upload one by one on each item.?

will it be mandatory to upload youtube video or is there any options?

please help me. Thank you.


Hye, im currently doing assignment 1, when i try to run for login. i get this.


Hello Hari,
Need help for level 3 Assignment # 1.
Can you share your file to my id ?

Thanks a lot!