Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Calculate Client Security Hash Walkthrough Light

i dont understand this section i dont know where is entry region

● Open the Main workflow and expand the Init state by double clicking it.
o On the Entry region, locate where the KillAllProcesses workflow is invoked.
o Add a new sequence after the Invoke KillAllProcesses activity to read the
input transactions data table.
o Inside this sequence, invoke four of the previously created workflows, as
:black_small_square: System1 Login
:black_small_square: System1 Navigate to Work Item
:black_small_square: System1 Extract Work Item Data Table
:black_small_square: System1 Close

is here?

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Hi Luis,

Yes, it’s that one:

And after “Add log fields” you add a new sequence:

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the other problem i was mapping thr arguments but the variables (in_configFiles) can be accesed and why repeat the process that exist in init all applications?

System1_Login is invoked in two places: in InitAllApplications and in Main at first initialization(your case now).

In InitAllApplications the config is passed as an Argument, in_Config, like it is stated in the Walkthrough.
In Main, you are getting an error if you pass it in the same way, right? That’s because in Main file you get the config from the initialization workflow and ‘memorized’ as a variable, type Dictionary. So please check again the variables in the Main xaml and i’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Sorry for the summarized explanation, but it’s hard to put it in words and still not giving the solution.


thanks ovi
but i have another problems import arguments in the get data transaction

in the internal workflow the new argument for inWIlist in not avaliable can you help me?

So do we just invoke the login alone in InitAllApplications ? Not the other workflows to navigate?

Hi ovi, I’m confused about where “in_Config” comes from…

in_config is the dictionary of configuration loaded from the excel

Hello everyone, I’m stuck at assignment 2. I’ve also tried interesting methods that do not work in System1_CreativeYearlyReport. I share the file below. Can you help me please?System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (36.0 KB)

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this is used for get the data from configuration file

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