Client Security Hash Assignment


Hi, I have developed Client Security Hash workflow. When I make it run on my local machine it is working properly. But whenever I submit my assignment its getting failed. can anyone please provide me suggestion on the following.

  1. How do they test our workflow?
  2. I do zip my workflow folder and submit. Is it the correct way?
  3. And also credentials has to be read from windows credential manager as of now.
    Should I hard code that in the workflow?

Please help me in this.


Did you reset the data after your tested on your local ? The instructions requests to keep the data as is in ACME system.


There was some problem in the flow. Now it got resolved. Thanks:)


May I know how it was resolved please? I am also facing similar problem. My program is working fine on my local machine but showing as 0/100 failed while submit. Thank you.!


1.Reset your test data in ACME Test application
2. Run your program on your machine
3. Submit the assignment