Client Security Hash Assignment

Hi, I have developed Client Security Hash workflow. When I make it run on my local machine it is working properly. But whenever I submit my assignment its getting failed. can anyone please provide me suggestion on the following.

  1. How do they test our workflow?
  2. I do zip my workflow folder and submit. Is it the correct way?
  3. And also credentials has to be read from windows credential manager as of now.
    Should I hard code that in the workflow?

Please help me in this.

Did you reset the data after your tested on your local ? The instructions requests to keep the data as is in ACME system.

There was some problem in the flow. Now it got resolved. Thanks:)

May I know how it was resolved please? I am also facing similar problem. My program is working fine on my local machine but showing as 0/100 failed while submit. Thank you.!

1.Reset your test data in ACME Test application
2. Run your program on your machine
3. Submit the assignment

I was facing similar issue. Just record the automation and post it, it might work, that’s what I did

I am facing similar issue with the client-security-hash-assignment, . My program is working fine on my local machine but showing as 0/100 failed while submit.

Verify you items that are completed also verify that hashcode is different for every item and formula does not have any spaces clientid-client name-country

Verified the hashcode in comments , of each wid completed are different. and the formula is correct.

thank you for the reply

I have uploaded the video as well, but still the result is zero.

Did you follow these steps -

  1. Reset Test data
  2. Run your program.
  3. Verify that all the items set to completed
  4. Upload your zip file.
  5. Dont reset your data once you upload assignment
  6. Also make sure there are no exceptions in your workflow

HI ,Akashat can you share me the workflow of lesson 3 excerise 2.I couldnot resolve the errors.


Can you share the worflow in zip format because i get this message
" UiPath Academy

Total Items: 14 Completed Items: 0 Correct Items: 0"
this is my email “

I am also having same error.I have completed the assignment and followed all the evaluation,but still showing failed.

Can anyone suggest me?

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Thank you bro! I finally could pass my assignment 1, I am so happy I followed all your steps and it worked, without your help I think It would not be possible



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Can some one please help here?

I guess I am passing hash formula incorrect…
Also I want to know if space is allowed in client name for hash code generation


Can someone will help on this below exception

“message”: “Assign TransactionID: Index was outside the bounds of the array.”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “14:34:04”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.0”,
“jobId”: “fc71ebba-af7c-4880-bba6-9d979deaeae5”,
“robotName”: “ReRobot”,
“machineId”: 194215,
“fileName”: “GetTransactionData”

hi All,
I am relatively new to UIpath and I am currently working on the assignment in level 3 : “Client security Hash”. I have completed the assignment and have been trying to submit it but every time i submit its saying 0/100 after evaluation.

I have tried with uploading execution video file also the zip file of my project.

Below is the video of execution :

Please help and suggest what needs to be done.

Thanks in advance,