Level 3 Assignment 1 - Failed Many Times

I have created this assignment, but it is getting failed everytime, can someone help me understanding what is wrong here.

I am getting no comments from Academy to improve the solution.


@PrankurJoshi,Refer this

No luck, the formula is Trimmed already, can you let me know what this is for -

Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 4. Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Source: Assign Transaction Item

I am getting this when I assign out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString when no items left to be processed

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Did you Assign in_TransactionNumber=1 @PrankurJoshi,And you are decrementing the value by -1.Remove the decrement and assign to out_TransactionItem.You need to increment IIn_TransactionNumber aafter each iteration

Yes I did and now I have Assigned the out_TransactionID in if condition only and Im getting no error in the flow but still evaluation is 0 do not know why

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Assign the value in arguements @PrankurJoshi,saw your workflow you didnot assign any value

Can you please help me find where and which one

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In GettransactionData.xaml file @PrankurJoshi

Even if an item is wrong I should get at least 1/100

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No need to decrement it,assign inWilist(in_Transactionnumber) @PrankurJoshi and run it

No luck, Solution is running without any error and correct, but evaluation is 0

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How strange is this that no one answers from the evaluation team. I have seen that so many users facing this problem about the gray area what are they doing wrong in the assignment. UiPath is lagging behind on this particular point. @sreekanth I really appreciate your replies and help here. Thanks once again. Anyways completed the Assignment. There was a need to decrement the Transaction Number by 1


Hi sereekanth, I can get extract data in file “System1_ExtractData_WI5.xaml”, but cant run it successfully in “Main.xaml”, do you have any idea about this?

@ilemon, Did you import arguments correctly and did you declare local variables and assign it to arguements?

@sreekanth, I set the argument to in/out then the system starts to work, thank you for your response!!!

Even I dont know.

Hi sreekanth, mine still not working… could you please help me? The project stoped working from “Invoke Process.xaml”. I’m not sure weather I am dealing with the extract data correctly.

In walkthrough it mentions “System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails” but provides a screenshot with “System1_GetItemDetails”, it’s quite confusing. Is it possible you can help me? Thank you in advance!


You are doing pretty much right just wanted to let you know that Process Faulted means there is something wrong in that particular workflow. You need to do hit and trial, your Process Invoke Workflow should be like-

Just see that there is some value in WI_List

Also, please use Log Message Activity at the start and at the end of the workflows they are very very helpful

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Hey prankurjoshi, have you passed the evaluation?
I can run it perfect on my own PC, but three times score is 0/100…

Yes I have completed both. Yeah it happens look at the formula ClientID-Client Name-ClientCountry there should not be any whitespace in between it should be trimmed from start and end. Also there should be one space between first name and last name. It would be the reason I guess

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