Issue in evaluating Assignment No. 1 of Level 3 Advanced training



Need Help !

I want help in uploading & evaluating my Assignment No. 1 of Level 3 Advanced training.

I am running it in my local & uploading full workflow as zip file, but in evaluation its showing as All Failed, (without any reason of failure) but in System 1, it is showing all the WI5 work items as completed as expected with updated hash code in comments.

Please guide me on evaluating my assessment asap so that I can proceed with next one :blush:

Level 3 Assignment 1 - Failed Many Times

Did you check whether the hashcode you extracted is correct which you updated in comments.You need to trim the spaces between Client ID, Client Name and Client Country and extract correct hash code ,This is main reason for failure @jigneshjk

Calculate Client Security Hash
Advance training assignment 1 - Failed
Advance training 1

Thanks, there was one space coming after country name which was resulting in wrong Hash code, after fixing it got 100/100 :grinning: