Assignment 1 of Level 3 Course - Getting Failed Result

I have completed the Assignment 1. Its perfectly executing and giving the required output, without any error. I have checked all the requirements are fulfilled. But when I submit it, I am getting Failed result with 0/100 score, this is within a minute or so. There is no information about what is missing in the assignment. I have no clue where I am going wrong as this is working perfectly on my local machine.

Please let me know anybody is having same issue and how to resolve it.



  1. Don’t reset ACME Data before before submitting assignment for evaluation.

  2. And also use same credentials for both ACME and Academy site.

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Hi Lakshman,
I haven’t reset the data. i.e. I reset the data execute the Bot and then upload the assignment, is this expected? and I am using same credentials for both.

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i know this issue.
You might have whitespaces in your requests to calculate sha1.
Use trim method to remove white space for Client ID, Name and country and then enter into SHA1 site.

Please check it once .


No Luck… I have made changes suggested by you. Reset the data, executed the Bot and uploaded the assignment. I have also checked the status and comment of all WI5 Items. Status is Completed and the Hash value is updated in the Comment.

I was also facing similar issue , but then i realised that there was space while extracting clientId etc…
I just use trim to get desired value and it worked for me.

This is the only issue i can think of…


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OK… here only difference is I have only one variable out_clientInfo, where I have concatinated three variables with dash in between.
Now I have no clue where is the exact issue.
Thanks Ahtesham for your inputs

Hi @AbhayGodbole

Have you checked this forum post for possible solutions?

Are you sure you have trim in place ? like below
out_ClientInfo = part(1).trim+"-"+part(3).trim+"-"+part(5).trim

Since you are saying that your code is working perfectly fine only evaluation is not happening then i could only think of this trim issue.
I have seen a lot of people where after adding trim were able to clear assignment 1 infact i am one of them :slight_smile:


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@md.ahtesham is right . Mostly time reason is space between these three variable


I have cleared this assignment. n my case the space was not issue. While assigning the ClientID, Name and Location ClientD was swapped with Name so while calculating Hash it was going as Name-ClientID-Locaton, so obliviously the Hash was getting wrongly calculated.

Thanks all for your kind help.


Congratulation @AbhayGodbole

Please mark it as solution so that other people can find answer in single go.


hi @AbhayGodbole

Run your project from the starting and record the whole session and upload the recorded video on the UiPath Academy. I hope this will work.


Happy Learning😊

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