Input arguments are not showing in package.json or cloud orchestrator


We are trying to doing some experience on uipath community version. One of thing we tried is to add input arguments in the studio and give the values when triggering the job in the cloud orchestrator. However, when we add an input argument, it does not reflect in the project.json, nor does it show on the cloud orchestrator.

We saw the example on UIPath website Example of Using Input and Output Arguments and manually insert similar things in our package.json. This time the parameters shows in cloud orchestrator, but when triggering a job, we saw error saying Info: Error detecting project version.

Here is how our manually modified package.json looks like:
package.json (2.2 KB)

Does anyone know how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Todd_Zheng

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I think there was a recent thread about this very issue, see here:

This simple, empty project will generate an input argument when published in Orchestrator:

Also, for the error
Error detecting project version.
It is due to the Robot machine not being updated to the latest version. Please make sure all your machines are on the latest 2019.7 version of Studio CE :slight_smile:
See here for a guide on how to reinstall it: