Add a parameter/argument to Orchestrator? Current package version not working

I have a variable, todayDate =“dd-MMM-yyyy”) that I use to run my automation. Sometimes I want to be able to test a certain date, so I have been manually changing my value of the variable and reuploading a new package to the Orchestrator. I was told that I can actually make a parameter/argument that I can change in Orchestrator which will change the value in the script. How do I add this in the process in Orchestrator when my package version has no input or output arguments?? How do I fix this?


Workflows that were created and published to Orchestrator prior to v2018.3 must be re-uploaded with a v2018.3 (or later) Robot so that the In and Out arguments of the Main.xaml file can be displayed.

Also, check these materials:

How do I reupload workflows to that version?

You need to open the project with a new robot version (Studio version), compile it and check to not have any errors, and then publish it again to Orchestrator (you will have a new version of the package in Orchestrator).

My Studio version is already 2022.10.3, so this shouldn’t be the issue right? Maybe it’s a problem with the packages I have?

The issue was that I needed to create a new argument in the Main workflow with an In direction. Then, I published the new version to orchestrator.

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