Project Json Not showing Arguments affects CI/CD

I just been facing a small bug (for which I already found a workaround but that would like to share nonetheless): I have a project who’s main contains arguments, but they don’t appear reflected on the project.json. I’ve tried to delete the project.json to see if it would regenerate a correct file but no it’s still showing non of the arguments. This, on itself, is not the issue as the arguments appear well on the Orchestrator after a publish.

The problem comes from the fact that we are trying to use CI/CD with Azure DevOps UiPath extension. Then, when the package gets published from DevOps, no arguments will be shown in the Orchestrator.

The solution is as easy as to manually edit the project.json and add the arguments. But I’m wondering why is this happening. Why where the arguments not appearing? (the Studio seems to be able to update the file correctly, for example with the version after a publish) and why is the deploy task in the Azure DevOps extension not doing something the studio seems to be able to? (to ignore the json and acknowledge that the process has arguments).

Hi @RockSolid

Could you include some more details about your environment, especially the versions of all relevant UiPath products?

Hi Maciej,

Yes, of course. We are talking about UiStudio (the standard, not X nor PRO), currently using version 2020.10.2 (although the project might have been started in a previous version). I don’t it’s relevant but we are using UiPath Orchestrator Cloud (SaaS solution). UiPath integration for Azure DevOps we are using version 2.2.1309266 (currently latest)

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Thanks, I pushed it to our team to consider. I can’t offer any specific timeline, but I will keep this topic up to date whenever some new information becomes available.


Do we have any update on this issue. We are also having similar issue and updating the project.json file manually as of now. So, really appreciate your help on solving this issue ASAP

I’ve been struggling with this same issue with CI/CD.

Prior to 20.10 my workaround was to publish locally anytime arguments changed. This would update the arguments in the project.json before pushing the files to DevOps.

Since updating to 20.10 I’ve noticed that this no longer happens to the Project.json in the local files. The local Project.json still gets updated upon publish but any manually added arguments section gets removed instead of updated.

I inspected the nuget package that gets created with an actual publish (when the arguments exist in Orchestrator) and it still includes the arguments section in the Project.json file contained in the nupkg.

Is there any idea if studio or the DevOps integration will be fixed to resolve this issue?

Hi @Tyler_Williams,

We are aware of this regression and have been actively working on a fix to always compute the input arguments at pack time, irrespective of where the package will be deployed to.

The fix will be released as part of the next version of Studio (21.x), as well as in the next version of the Azure DevOps integration.

For now, opening the .nuget package with tools such as Nuget Package Explorer (or by simply renaming it to .zip) and copying the project.json from there, should provide a workaround for this issue.