How to assign a System.Data.DataRow variable into a queueItem


Duplicate Problem with Walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash page 10


Where you able to solve this…i am stuck over here

out_TransactionItem should be of Data type DataRow, as of now it is UiPath.Core.QueueItem

hi @PrankurJoshi,

Yes, I have changed it from QueueItem to DataRow.

Also, I am having an error in the Assign activity:

Could you please suggest correction, also wanted to know about WIID…

Great thanks!


Please find the attached error…

transaction item its a string not a array of datarow


Change the Argument type of out_TransactionItem to DataRow


Change it everywhere, dont forget to check the catch sections of every exception handling some changes need to be done here too.

Hello Everyone,
Are we suppose to disable get transaction item activity for Level3 assignment 2 for calculating security hash?
I am totally stucked here.get%20transaction%20item

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