Assignment 1 Advanced Training 3 - Hitting snag on Log Message (After removing Get Transaction Item)

Currently, I have already put together my workflows and am running main.xaml to continuously rectify the whole flow. For each individual workflow, it seems to be working fine, but if I were to incorporate them in the main.xaml template file, things starts to get broken down even though there’s inherently no blue exclamation marks.

As shown in the picture above, I am hit with this error after running the flow. And I believe this has to do with GetTransactionData.xaml. So I am also going to add a few more screenshots to alleviate the confusion anyone attempting to help might face. I understand that given key is not present in the dictionary means that a certain argument/key is not consistent with the other pulled file or in this case, config file I presume. But my Config file does have this key.

I have tried looking through forum and the closest I chanced upon is this, How to assign a System.Data.DataRow variable into a queueItem. Of which my workflow seems to be aligned with it.

Can some kind soul actually enlighten where did I go wrong?




Create one argument in_Config of type Dictionary in GetTransactionData.xaml file and pass argument (Config) from Main.xaml

@Lakshman Thanks for being so quick in helping. I have actually pass the argument, but it seems like there’s something off.

This is where they are actually toggling me to when I received the error. I don’t think it is wrong though.


Could you please share workflow file in zip format personally. Will check and let you know.

Hi @lakshman, I have dropped you the zip file earlier on, hope you have received it. If not, do let me know. Looking forward to your reply.

@ovi @loginerror Hi both, was wondering if you guys would be free to help me out. I have been stucked and been browsing through forum for the past two weeks here and there before creating my forum account to post this question.

Dear Admin, I solved this myself already, realised I hardcoded the links to try out on multiple instances. Please close the thread. Thanks.

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