GetTransactionData - Client Security Hash Assignment

What should be the value for Get Transaction Item in GetTransactionData work flow ?

What do you mean? The transaction item will return a ui.queueitem - this is a UiPath specific object.

If that doesn’t answer please elaborate.

For Client Security Hash Assignment the input is supposed to be a DataRow and not a queue items hence wanted to check how I can provide data row ( data row array of data scrapped from UI) as an input in Get Transaction Item activity.

Right okay, do you have the data in text format intially?

If so, in order to convert to an array of data rows you will need to use an assign and split on environment.newline.

Maybe send your workflow if that doesn’t help?

The TransactionItem should be one DataRow from the DataRow Array of data scraped from UI. Which item to take is determined by the TransactionNumber variable, when TransactionNumber is 1, you need to take first item from array (index 0), when 2, take the second one (index 1) and so on. For this, you need to pass into the GetTransactionItem workflow the DataRow Array as an input argument.

Thanks. Yes that’s what I replied in my previous post. “how I can provide data row ( data row array of data scrapped from UI) as an input in Get Transaction Item activity”. I am not sure what properties or conversion I need to use to access individual rows from array so that I can assign it to my output - (Out_TransactionItem)

You dont have to provide data row as an input in Get Transaction Item activity. It is used only if you are fetching data from orchestrator. Here you already have data in data row. Just disable or delete that activity. Have look at screen shot. Hope this would be helpful. .

Yes, you don’t need the Get Transaction Item activity, you can delete it.
But you still want to get the current row to process. So, instead of the Get Transaction Item activity you can use an Assign activity and put into the out_TransactionItem argument current row to process. Also, you need an If activity with a stop condition.

Thanks that’s what was strange about this work flow.

Hello Guys,
I need your help to understand the issue and to resolve the issue.
I don’t understand at which place I need to mention this “Assign” activity in Main workflow? Do I need to declare these as dt_WIs and WIList variable or arguments in Main workflow?

I was able to resolve my issue… :slight_smile:

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Great :slight_smile: