Datatables into queue

I am changing transaction items from type data rows to type queue items. In get transaction data,
out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber)

Here, transaction item has been changed to queueitem, and transaction data is datatable. It is giving me error, Value of type data row cannot be converted into queue item.
How can I resolve this, or what changes can I do in it?

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Hey @Tanu.Sharma

Why are you changing the type of TransactionItem from QueueItem to DataRow

Since you have changed it to QueueItem as type you can only assign a value of type QueueItem

But you are trying to assign a DataRow which is why the error is being shown

Hope this helps


I’m not trying to change to data row. it was data row, but have changed to queue item now. and i am aware why the error is coming, but what can i do to change it.

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Welcome back to UiPath forum

If you would like to add the transaction item which is of type datarow to a queue item then use queue activities like ADD QUEUE ITEM activity with input as io_TransactionData(in_TransactionNumber)

Then retrieve back from queue using get transaction item activity

But if you want to use that value along the workflow without any queue formation then it can be used with the existing transaction item type as Datarow
We don’t need to change to queue item

So based on the requirements you can consider the above suggestions

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Tanu.Sharma