Get started with StudioX - Sign an Email With Your Unicorn Name

You got more familiar with StudioX, do you find it easy to use? How would you use the automation projects you built in this course?

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For me it is more easy to use compared with UiPath Studio. For non technical users could be a good option for them.

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Yes it is also very good for Business analysts and Pre-sales, who are directly in touch with client and demonstrate some use cases

I think StudioX easier than studio and it is sufficient for some small business issues, also it’s funny and comfortable when using, so i think it’s great.

I believe this will be very beneficial for automating common tasks for my team. Cant wait to continue!

Enjoyed this exercise a lot - finally worked :slight_smile:

Way easier than I expected - the experience with UIPath.
I love it and I am looking forward to see how to implement it into the ORG I am working with

I would most definitely use it to pull reports off of SharePoint and send via email.

Could not get this to work. I can see the Use Outlook Account resource, but there is no Send Outlook Email action available. When I go to Home-Tools, there is no Outlook extension or add-in available. Tried adding it from the Microsoft app store, but don’t see it there either.

@Scott_Canion, if you are using Studio X 2020.8, which is what I used, the action is just “Send Email” … not “Send Outlook Email”. This worked for me. Could work for you as well.

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After finishing the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced, this StudioX training is so much user friendly and fun to do, perfect for a non-coder personnel. But I can tell you can get a lot more miles using the Studio.

Enjoyed this exercise a lot - finally worked

Had a difficult time getting StudioX to recognize Excel. There were two issues. 1. The folder where the Excel file was located needed to be set to a trusted location within the Excel trust options. 2. The UiPath add-in would not be on when opening the Excel file.
It all works now though. Yeah! :slight_smile:

It’s very easy to use. I am going to automate the process of adding a new posts to my website

I am familiar with another RPA tool, and so far StudioX is quite straight forward. The only downside appears to be that you need to have Outlook installed to work with emails. I imagine that Studio Pro has more options :slight_smile:

It was simply to search and implement Send Email from Outlook while inserting your sender and receiver address . :love_you_gesture:

Really simple, but awesome! Thx UiPath :v:

This one was good thanks

Practice makes perfect, right? I could use this project to automate something like an email with IT ticket status updates or shipment tracking updates.

Enjoyed this exercise a lot

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