Milestone 2 - Find out what RPA is

You got more familiar with StudioX, do you find it easy to use? How would you use the robot you built today?

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I cant get an email signed with my unicorn name, can someone please help me, Thanks

HI @Chloe_Caffrey

As per the course, it uses the Outlook account which is connected to your local client.
have you configured the outlook in your local machine?

Lahiru, i have outlook on my laptop and went to create the unicorn name, just dont know how to get it onto an email as a signature, can you help

Do i need to add the outlook onto UiPath Sudio X tool thing


Will you be able to login to this zoom link so we can go through this together?

Yes i will do that now

Hi Lahiru, for the topic on understanding what you can automate, i done a manaul path, but there was not automation path, did it require me to do an automation path and if so how do i do that, Thanks

Hi @Chloe_Caffrey

I think there is the Robot Path, in the guide as well as in the Practice session under understanding what you can automate. So you have to use Studio X for the Robot path…

Did i make sense?

Lahiru, no im finding it difficult to do this and creating a password for the unicorn name, can you please help, Thanks,

ok… in which part are you stuck right now?

Doing the supplier bit now and then the password

Can you go through the robot process with me, Thanks

Sorry is there any way you can send me a slide show on how to create a robot process for the supplier one or can someone please go through it with me

For reference, Solved in below post -

Hi, friends. I can send the email by StudioX but before i had a couple of problems. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. After obtaining the name of the unicorn you must use the resource “use the desktop outlook application”
  2. they must verify that their outlook account is open on the computer
  3. use the activity send email, in the account option they must choose their email and in the option to manually write the account to which they want to send it.
    I hope and it helps you and we continue to grow together. Greetings.

How do you replace picture with new picture as i am finding it difficult to do can you please help and an error keeps coming up when i do the process and run it that Error ERROR Validation Error A file name cannot contain a newline, or any of the following characters: * : ? " < > | Main.xaml. I have changed the name but still not working, can you please do a zoom call with me to go through this, Thanks

Hello Chloe,

Could you please share Main.xaml file of your workflow and the document where you’re trying to replace the picture ?

Also, you can connect on zoom calls during office hours only, check the upcoming office hours slot.


Hi. I also cannot see an option to include a signature. I’ve tried to map to the C1 Column in Excel but it does not add it as a task nor does the signature appear in the email.


Hi @thomas.oconnor,

Could you please check the below thread if it can solve your issue: