Get started with StudioX - Sign an Email With Your Unicorn Name

It’s very easy to use ! I am delighted with Upath Studio X

Really enjoyed this exercise, would love to do some more simple samples to help navigate around the software.

It was nice to do, there were no problems. Sometimes it took a while to figure out what to do

Just one word: Awesome!

Yes. The interface was easy to use.

I’m creating robot at work. I’ve faced some difficulties. I hope learning courses at UIPATH academy really will help me to make a working robot. The first course was useful

I can’t seem to choose an account using the “send email” function

Try selecting Use Desktop Outlook activity or Webmail activity in StudioX, and then embedding the send email command function. Cheers

I did it!

That was too easy and great! But one little thing was out of scope for me.

I have 3 email accounts inside my MS Outlook Desktop application and I was not able to find how to select specific account (default one was used by robot).

I hope I will find that later.

StudioX is very ease to use and i can’t wait to automate my daily activities

I wasn’t able to get the Signed, part in my automation. What am I missing?