Build your first automation - Getting to know StudioX

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I have been following the materials which is easy to follow and able to complete the exercises in parallel.
Thank you.


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The material is great. Moreover the steps are broken down to follow very easily.


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I am really thankful to UI Academy, Its flow is to good, userfriendly. I didn’t get any obstacle to build my first bot as it was explained very well. Feeling satisfy to learn from UI Path, it was my right decision.

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The content is really helpful. I did my first automation easily.


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It was really nice to finish this lesson, quite easy and nice to follow.

However I don’t know why the browser extension is giving me an error. I installed it on Chrome and Edge and it is still giving me an error message.

I skipped the error and continued with the lesson and it worked fine however I would like to have the error message gone.


Hello everyone. Im so excited about learn UiPath and every course are really easy to understand. Thanks a lot.


Hi, the example is good.
but what if the record value more than 1 row… how to repeat the process “input” and “submit” using the same excel file. Thanks

Great example and step-by-step video to build the first automation task

Never thought I could make it.
Took me more time because my computer is i3, not SSD!
Great exercise. thanks

Great hands-on training to learn the basics!

So easy to follow step by step tutorial. Great work UiPath team :smiley: :ok_hand:

I am running core i7 with SSD and it still feels a bit slow when I run a simple task, and I’m a bit worried about giving full privilege access to my google account

but overall great modules


I just did the first part of the course and found it was pretty easy to follow, the pace went well and the walk through steps in the video were easy to understand. I was super excited when my automation worked on the first try!


Hi, i had any an issue, Whenever i run the Task while send email its always asking authentication after authentication also its showing Email Error.
Can somebody please help me.


It’s my first time when I’m interacting with UI Path and first time when testing the product.
I’m really amazed at what this tool/application can do, I really love to this kind of activity it is really engaging.


Hi Team, Thank you for the detailed tutorial on StudioX and I was able to successfully try and replicate.