Build your first automation - First Automation using Microsoft Office

Now that you’ve gone through the steps of building , curating, and publishing an automation project, we are curious about how the experience was for you.

Was StudioX easy to use? Was the logic easy to follow?

Did you stumble upon any blockers on the way? How did you get past them? Does your Attended Robot do what you wished for at the beginning? How is the interaction with your UiPath Assistant?

Tell us about your experience and learn from fellow learners below!

Let us know how you found this experience in the replies below! :blush:
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P.S. If you’re having any trouble with the exercise, replying to this forum topic is the quickest way to receive help!

I just published my first automation project. I had no programming experience prior. To be able to automate such processes has enhanced my curiosity to learn more about programming, computers.

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It’s my first time learning about RPA and automation and I found the whole tutorial quite interesting.

I did have some trouble publishing my process as I’m not the admin in charge of the orchestrator so I did not have the option to select the “Personal Workspace Feed” option. The only option I have is Orchestrator Tenant Processes Feed or saving it to my local folder.

Anyone have ideas on how I can get my processes to appear in the assistant if I save my process locally? Thanks!

Would be great if the tutorial includes the steps to setup automated email actions (down loading the attachments and sending email with PDF) using email App of Windows 10 where my hotmaill account is configured.
I have not use Oulook.

Had no issues. I felt that the guy on the video moved pretty fast so it was hard to keep up without having to constantly pause the video. Only snag I ran into was that when I send out an email I had to disable to request to zip the attachments (no biggie). Other than that it worked like a charm.

Bastante lógica la secuencia. Es cosa de practicar. No es dificil.

I have trouble saving Excel file as pdf. I get error CurrentFile is not declared. Help please. Thanks

After going through the videos it appears to be very easy the way the steps are explained is great. The only thing which I would like to point out is that The Invoices which are provided have a formula error where the discount that should be subtracted from the total it is getting added along with the total. If this can be modified it will be great.

Hi, there is no issue with the tutorial and the project we built. However, the Excel file requires amendment. The customer is supposed to get a discount, yet the discount amount actually gets added to the subtotal. It should be subtracted instead.
Thank you.

Thanks for pointing this out! :star:

We’ll update the files asap :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing this out! :metal:

We’ll update the files asap :slight_smile:

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Same issue as reported by phangjy & manasprasannadas earlier, the invoice files still add the discount rather than subtracting the discount amount.

So I have been following the video #2 but up till the 9:38 mark I hit this error instead:

Not sure if it has something to do with clearing the StartPage and EndPage properties of the Save Excel as PDF function as instructed in the video at the 9:10 mark? Ok this hypothesis is wrong.

Finally resolved the issue by not adding .pdf after the file name.

Additionally there is also a lapse with video #2:

At the 4:30 mark the video advises us to delete all the excel files except one, move that file to the project folder and rename it as the template file. And at the 9:30 mark the video asks us to Run from this activity but this does not compute because we have already cleared all the Invoice attachments from the folder and we did not perform a Run to get the attachments saved into the Invoice folder yet.


I was trying to follow the exercise on the video and publish the project into UIPath Assistant, but seems like the assistant does not come with the StudioX community edition. Could you kindly advise where and how to get the assistant so that it would read the.nupkg format?


Hi there,

Here are some troubles that I’ve find throughout your module
Microsoft Office

  • I can’t connect ke outlook, you need to elaborate more on how we can connect to it.
  • I find trouble in generating pdf, it’s working for the first file, but fail for the rest, although all the excel file is updated completely.

Google sheet

  • Receiving Error 400 when read excel try to access the excel file. I guess this is due to the format in my drive is still in excel and UI path only able to access google sheet formatted file.

Please help

I love this automation project

hi, I have followed every instruction on Downloading the email attachments, however the attachment didn’t show up in the new folder. Does any of you find the same problem?