Get Queue Items (API)

Good morning,

I currently have a queue that could contain hundreds of records where multiple bots would be processing simultaneously. Each transaction item in the queue has its unique reference number.

For the sake of an example, let’s say that we have 4 transaction items in the queue and 2 bots processing.
Transaction Item 1 Reference: 1234-1354234242
Transaction Item 2 Reference: 1234-623453223
Transaction Item 3 Reference: 1635-34234243
Transaction Item 4 Reference: 1635-21842398

I would like Bot 1 to pull All transaction items that have a reference starting with 1234 and bot 2 to pull all transaction items from the same queue that starts with 1635. Now I can probably use Get Queue Item activity and set a reference with a wild card but as I previously mentioned, we could have hundreds and sometimes thousands of transaction items in the queue and since Get Queue Item activity is limited to 100 at a time I thought that the API might be a better solution.

I looked up the API documentation and I was trying to authenticate (on-premise solution). I created a local user in my tenant with a username and password but every time I try to authenticate I get the below error message.


"message": "You are required to change your password",

"errorCode": 1403,

"resourceIds": null


Please note that I already tried changing the password multiple times and I even created a whole new user/password combination but I still got the same error. So two questions here:

1- Has someone encountered this error in the past and how did you solve it?
2- Is there a better solution than what I am trying to do?

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