Issues with Get Transaction Item

I am running into issues with an automation that goes through multiple transaction items. Essentially this gets 2 values from a queue and then repeats til it is empty.

For some reason half the time Get Transaction Item fails to get any info. Though it passes through a Do While with a statement (Do while Transaction Item != Nothing).

It has worked sometimes flawlessly with multiple queue items but it also just decides not to grab an item at random. I am using postpone for the items but even then it will work fine for those items that are on hold.

Curious if anyone else has seen this issue where a “Get Transaction Item” doesn’t grab data for some odd reason.

If you use an empty REF for the queue, does this work the whole queue properly?

Yeah, I’ve left the Reference property empty. It’s gone through like 2-3 entires no problem but sometimes it will do 1 item then fail to assign the content of the 2nd.

Shot in the dark but why exactly a Do While Loop?

When you have 0 items left and you do a Do While you try to Execute whatever is inside the Do and then check the condition. Maybe it fails if you only have 1 or none items left without further handling the possible issue inside the activity?

A While Loop checks the condition first and if the condition is met it executes. Maybe it’s that what you need. Not sure.

REF does not mean a reference, it means the Robotics Enterprise Framework. This should be able to work with your queue. Better dont try to implement something similar on your own.