Difference Between get queue item and get transaction item



Can anyone help me in understanding difference between ‘get queue item’ and ‘get transaction item’?
I need my bots to only get those items from the queue which they have added.

For eg: 2 bots are working simultaneously putting 6 and 7 items in the queue respectively, then these bots should only fetch and work on the items that they have put in. I can see filter on reference field in ‘Get queue item’ but. ‘Get queue item’ is not locking a ‘new’ item.

Pratiksha Srivastava


Hi @Pratiksha,

Get Queue item - retrieve a list of transactions from an indicated queue
So it has list of all transaction for the specified queue.

Get transaction - Gets an item from the queue
It has only one transaction item.

Here I have attached the sample project for you.
File :QueueDifference.xaml (5.5 KB)



Thanks Balamurugan for the info… Any idea how can robot get only the item which it has put in the queue and not the items put by other robots?


Hi @Pratiksha,
To my knowledge, I don’t think we can fetch items from queue that are added by one robot but not other. As per the functionality of queues, multiple robots can add items in one queue and multiple robots can process transactions in a queue. So, Queues will get input from many robots but can not identify robot from which it got the item.

Anyone , pls correct me if I’m wrong!



Hi @Pratiksha,

Can you not use two separate queues, one for each bot?



Yes… That is what I am doing now. :slight_smile: