Difference Between get queue item and get transaction item



Can anyone help me in understanding difference between ‘get queue item’ and ‘get transaction item’?
I need my bots to only get those items from the queue which they have added.

For eg: 2 bots are working simultaneously putting 6 and 7 items in the queue respectively, then these bots should only fetch and work on the items that they have put in. I can see filter on reference field in ‘Get queue item’ but. ‘Get queue item’ is not locking a ‘new’ item.

Pratiksha Srivastava

Difference between add queue item and add transaction item

Hi @Pratiksha,

Get Queue item - retrieve a list of transactions from an indicated queue
So it has list of all transaction for the specified queue.

Get transaction - Gets an item from the queue
It has only one transaction item.

Here I have attached the sample project for you.
File :QueueDifference.xaml (5.5 KB)



Thanks Balamurugan for the info… Any idea how can robot get only the item which it has put in the queue and not the items put by other robots?


Hi @Pratiksha,
To my knowledge, I don’t think we can fetch items from queue that are added by one robot but not other. As per the functionality of queues, multiple robots can add items in one queue and multiple robots can process transactions in a queue. So, Queues will get input from many robots but can not identify robot from which it got the item.

Anyone , pls correct me if I’m wrong!



Hi @Pratiksha,

Can you not use two separate queues, one for each bot?



Yes… That is what I am doing now. :slight_smile:


Hi @Pratiksha,
I know this is a late reply for your post, but hoping this can help someone else looking for the same solution:
What I can suggest is to write your own functionality for this. you can add a new field for the transaction item like robot id and assign it to 1 for 1st robot and 2 for second robot. while retrieving the transaction you can check that field, if that matches the current robot you can proceed with the regular operation. If robot id doesn’t match, we can upload that item back to the queue again.


can you tell me the solution to get only current date transactions from queue ? and to put future date transaction back to the queues.


hey can you help me with this… I am having a queue. How to get each items of the queue and so some operation. Which activity should I use? I am having a queue of 200 items. Take first item do some operations and so…

I used Get Queue item
Get transaction item
And For each

But getting error. Please help


Hi @amithvs,

Here is the video to know about the Orchestrator. In the end of session you can able to get knowledge about the Queue and Transaction.



thanx. Will have a look. I am getting the queue items by using specific content, but not getting 2nd and 3rd queue items. Getting error saying

“the given key was not present in the dictionary”

Arg1- queue1
Arg2- queue2
Arg3- queue3

For each ITEM in Queue
item.specificcontent(“Arg1”).tostring is working

Then I assigned
Assign A =item.specificcontent(“Arg2”).tostring

Assign B =item.specificcontent(“Arg3”).tostring

Not getting results, getting above error. What should be the data type of assign?

I have to take A and B to do comparison with some other data


Hi @amithvs,

Did you find a solution to this? Please let know


I was able to retrieve queue items. Is that what you are looking for?