Retrieve the Last run transaction using "Get Queue Items" activity

Hi Friends,
The scenario is like this:-

I want to run two bot one after another.
Process A run with 10 transaction
Process B- Fetch output report for this transaction from orchestrator and able to fetch it.

now again when i run the bot for 20 transaction using process A
this time bot should be able to retrieve the report only for this 20 transaction (should not take previously 10 record)

what condition need to be apply in “Get Queue items” activity.
As of now i am passing the system date so its fetching all transaction report i.e both 10 transaction and 20 transaction which is not satisfy the above condition.

How to achieve this.

Hy @Rup_1,

I suggest you use the “Reference” option at the bottom of the menu. It is a like an ID for the queue item, use it when you load the queue item also.

If it is ok for you please liek my post and mark it as solution, it helps me :slight_smile:

Could you please guide me know how we can use reference ?

Hy @Rup_1,

It is like an Id for your Queue Item, please fill it in in the “Add Queue Item” activity and retrieved in the previous screen I sent you


Is it clear for you? any questions please let me know

@Rup_1 - What could be the unique values in your queue item?
ex: if you doing batch process transaction count is 10… then create a reference number for that batch queue items like

  • refProcessABatch1 → add 10 items to the queue
  • refProcessABatch2 → add next 10 items to the queue

use the reference (refProcessABatch 1 or 2 or 3) along with your queue name in Get Queue items activity to fetch the list of batch items.

I have added one transaction in queue and provided the filename as a reference (which is unique in Process A) - Using Dispatcher

and run process B by providing a hard coded reference (which is file name) and able to retrive only one record in output file - which is correct

But i am not able to understand how to pass the a dynamic value as a reference in process B

Here Process A and Process B is independent

Thanks & Regards.

Hy @Rup_1,

Store the data into an excel file for example, from Process A and Process B access it, simple as that :slight_smile:

Sorry for late response.
As of now i pass the the “1” as reference in Reference property of “Add Queue Item” – Means In my dispatcher i.e in process A and then i run the dispatcher so added transaction successfully with reference “A”

Now in my process B - I pass the same reference i.e “A” in Reference property of “Get Queue Item” – and then i run the Process B and its return correct data.

Now if run the dispatcher again with 5 transactions with same reference and run process B then it return this 5 transaction + previous transaction – This should not be done.

So here we need to pass unique reference then how we can achive.