How to use get transaction item with reference parameter

Hi I am uploading data to queue & same I have to get from queue . ex 1,2,3,4 I am uploading to queue with same reference I need to get data from queue by passing input parameter as reference.

Question is I am using RE framework How can I get 1,2,3,4 values from get transaction item.
we can’t loop because process state is next. can you please help me

Note: This is a multibot architecture as per requirement the bot which loads the data should process that data. need help on reference as it will contain multiple value how should we pass every time new value to input in get transaction item

Hi @Addy_619 ,

Not exactly get your question, if you can share some screenshot to understand this…

To your note -
You can append date time to make it unique or you can generate random number for reference.

I am using get transaction activity with input parameter as reference but my question is my reference value is multiple how I can get multiple items as we can’t loop get transaction item because process state is next RE framework.

then just use get queue item activity which will give you all transaction in one collection and then you can take out reference of all items from Linq in one go.

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