Get item details workflow in assignment1?

Hi there,

I am now in the last phase of the workflow: process.
However, I am confused. It said that we need to Invoke the System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails workflow, but how come the screen shot has different name of XAML:

Also, I think that there is inconsistency in their information of passing argument?
Thank you for your feedback!


You can use the workflows that your created in your own order they have given the structure what It should look like and your program should run without error

Hi Nazarius, have you solved this problem?


Yes, I did not follow the walkthrough to make this workflow. This is my process:

Thanks Nazarius, I’m struggling with “SHA1Online_GetHashCode”, since it said you should do necessary steps yourself, actually I am quite confused about this part.

You need to paste your key ClientID-Client Name-Client Country in SHA1-Online and get the hash code from there -


The “Process.xaml” cant be involked.

Please see the Get Transaction Data workflow, are you getting WI_list from there?

Hi prankurjoshi, do you have any idea about this one?

I have completed the assignment my workflow is -


Do not worry about that screenshot and get confused our workflow should be proper and run flawlessly

Thank you for your response prankurjoshi.

I think my workflow just like yours, but always failed when system try to invoke “ProcessTransaction workflow”.

Log Message for every workflow, send me the screenshot where it fails

Hey prankurjoshi, thanks for the suggestion, I found it stopped at "Invoke “SHA1Online_GetHashCode workflow”, but I can run “SHA1Online_GetHashCode.xaml” successfully…

So that means you are getting the HashCode from the website SHA1 Online? If not please verify the previous workflow if that is giving you the correct formula for ClientID-Client Name-Client Country

:sweat_smile: it seems like the “select” of New Status is faulted

Try to send some hot keys and set the new status, that will work. in either case you have to play with Tab and Enter

Thanks a lot! I’ve done with it now!:rofl:

Hi @ilemon,

have you managed to complete the assignment? I was having the same Problem as yours. I don’t managed to invoke “extract Client Information”. Can you send me your process file or a screenshot with the invoked Arguments and defined Arguments?

Kind regards

Hi @Gennaro_Bozza ,

I actually created a new one then it worked perfectly…
I designed it as what I did in Assignment 1 instead of following the instruction.

Hi ilemon

How did you make your invoke process.xaml to work, because, I am facing the same problem, after Extracting the Table my Robot stops and I also have this error message

Please help.
Thank you