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Can anybody explain to me how to create ‘Get Items Details’ workflow?

I am unable to understand how do we get the output of this workflow (which I have created)- Is this workflow the ‘Get Items Details’ workflow in the instructions manual?

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Hello Tom, actually the instructions is a bit changed

The second one will be the System1_URL only. Dont need to do the whole string as you will be doing it below.

What you see here
You need to do so it will all bind together

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Hey Nadim,

Is the ‘itemDetails’ workflow mentioned in the pdf (instructions) same as ‘System1 navigate to WIdetails’ file?

if no, then can you explain how to create this workflow. Also, please refer to my post where I had shared all the files on this project with you.

I am unsure if ‘itemDetails’ workflow in the instructions same as my ‘workitems’ workflow.

Please advice.

There are 3 flows.

  1. Navigate to work Item - in your case it is WorkItems.xaml
  2. Navigate to WIDetails - in your case it is Navigate to Work Items.xaml

This is for the second one but like i mentioned in the other post the variables are slight different from what you will see in the screenshot and what you will be doing:

This will not have the first argument only the second.:slight_smile:

The extraction will happen in the in the System1_ExtractClientInformation flow