Assignment no 1

Hello sir @loginerror ,
I am stuck at one point where in workthrough they asked to invoke

but we havent create “System1 get item details workflow”
pls solve the prob…

They are referring to “navigate to work item details page”

Please see the url being passed into the workflow.
YOu must have created NavigateToWorkItemDetailsPage.xaml (or with any other name). Please invoke that.

Here the told abt System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails which i have created but in ss the shown diff name as shown in main post

Yes, use this only. Its a mistake in the walkthorugh.

but what about the arguments ?
they shown the different arguments but in that workflow the arguments are different

nd my wf invoked arguments are

what you see in the first is the older one, now according to the xaml that you have created to navigate u just need to pass URL and WIID as full URL you are creating inside already.

thank you !
what should i write in wiid? and in system1 url : is it ryt?

System1_URL is the url from Config(“System1_URL”).toString and WIID im not sure how you have it but i think its the transaction item



here they asked for those argument

and my workflow nd argu are

Correct, what i have told you can pass those values to your workflow.

what should i write in deafault value of WIID?

Writing in default vale is not the same as passing the arguments.
What you need to do is that in your Process.xaml you are calling Navigate.xaml in that you have to Edit Arguments and the pass values like below:

Thank You!!!
I will let you know if it works.

what should i write in op argument of System1_ExtractClientInformation ie

I did this : first create variables and the pass them as values in import argument

In the process workflow also you will have those 3 variables created so you map to them

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