Get item details workflow in assignment1?

can you verify if the WIList has been mapped and has some values.
Use a message box or a write line to print the value before the if

hii, how you managed importing arguments in for invoking “NavigateTo_WIDetails.xaml”,
i am quite being stucked over there because the screenshot in the pdf for arguments is having “out_ItemDetails” argument, not getting from where it has been came into picture.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @mohininemade301094

Can you show me where you have stuck?

You can extract details in ExtractClientInformation.xaml also


this is screenshot from pdf, i am not getting where out_ItemDetails is declared and why…

Hmm got that you can skip that, I think that there is mismatch in screenshot, you can simple call

Navigate_WIDetails.xaml and the ExtractClientInformation.xaml



Unable to see image that you have attached

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Check that now

ok Thanks, so there are no any argumements are imported here right ?

ExtractClientInformation.xaml will give you 3 out arguments

ClientID,Client Name and Client Country

and GetHashcode.xaml will give you the hashcode as out argument


Oh okk,
Let me do the same.

Thanks a lot