Questions about WIID in level 3 Assignment 1?

Dear friends,

I met a problem when I run my project that repeatly opening ACME and SHA1 websites.

In WalkThrough P13 mentioned “System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails” but the screenshot on P14 changed to “System1_GetItemDetails”, which is quite confusing. I’m not sure weather I’m dealing with “Extract Data” and “Process” correctly.

I’ve been stuck here for few days, is there anyone can help? Thanks in advance!

assign out_Transactionitem=in_wILIST(in_transaction) and try and increment in_transaction by 1 after each iteratrion @ilemon

@sreekanth Could you please specify where to increase in_transaction? I put I after if activity but cant work perfectly.

@ilemon,In process.xaml after you extract extract client information so that it will process the next item

I put it in setTransaction and now it’s working.

A new weird problem came out, everything looks fine when run individually, but the system couldn’t put correct hash code into work items.

@ilemon - I hope you have already figured this out

Thanks that has worked for me after assigning it after the Invoke Process Transaction