hi all,

i am trying to download UI path community studio, before i installed once long back but uninstalled.
But now i wish to install again.
Even though i downloaded using different mail id i get a error while activating.

Activation failed with error : 0
Error description : NO error
License Status : Device ID already activated, trial not allowed after code activation.

could someone please help.
Many thanks


Raise a request and they will help you.

even my issue got resolved.


it says that i cannot raise request with my mail id and for community edition


Try to do clean uninstall. Delete all UIPATH folders (Program Data, Temp, Local, ETC) - then try reinstalling again.

Works for one of our dummy pc.



Hi @Mharlieee ,
I have the same probelm . I tried Online Activation. It was working…


UiPath: Community, Enterprise & Installers
Unable to open UiPath

Please check this explanation:

Device ID already activated, trial not allowed after code activation....@
Activation failed with error: -4006
UI Path community installation error

thanks @ovi i contacted the support and they helped me out.



My current Laptop on which Uipath is installed facing some issue. So I have uninstalled Uipath on my Current Laptop and tried to install Uipath on New Laptop(On which I have never install Uipath) with same Email Id. But I am getting attached Error “Device Id already activated” I deleted the Uipath folder in Programdata, AppData as well…But still no luck…Can anyone help me? I am in between of my foundation course need to resume.


Can anyone pls help in above query?


The same problem arrived for me, but i wasnt able to resolve. instead the support provided me a key, which i was able to use to extend my trial version.

i suggest u the same.


Hai jasleen,
Did you resolve the above issue. I too got the same issue after installing again on my computer.
If resolved, please reply me.


i have same issue but still not solved,how to solve this issue ?