Device ID already activated, trial not allowed after code activation


I am getting the following error.

“Device ID already activated, trial not allowed after code activation”

Some points to note. I just bought this laptop. Used the community edition of my previous machine. Downloaded a new community setup with another email id. Uninstalled previous uipath setup. Installed new one. Still doesn’t work.


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do I have to drop them an email or something?

They should have responded by now anyway could you try this

  1. Delete existing license folder
    start → run → type "%Programdata%, it will open new windows then UiPath-> UiPath-> License folder
  1. delete uipath folder under from %Appdata% folder
    Then install UiPath .

@badita any thoughts on post.

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If the previous was Pro activated with a key you can’t go back to CE. Is this the case?

previous wasn’t Pro activated

no uipath folder in %Programdata%. found uipath folder in %Appdata%. uninstalled uipath. delete uipath folder from %Appdata%.

still getting the same error

@waheebc will investigate this and get back to you asap. Which version do you have?

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well cant figure out the uipath version since it doesn’t allow me to proceed beyond get free license screen. But I registered today so I am assuming it has to be the latest version


product version - 2016.2.6379.27755. Is this what you asked for?

awaiting response

i have tried with two email address and it gets activated on my environment. i’m still trying to reproduce

are there any other steps that I need to take to completely uninstall uipath

should I register with some other id and download the setup?

This is what I’ve done so far. Uninstalled uipath. delete all uipath folders from appdata and program data.
Deleted all registry entires for which I had permissions. Restarted the system. Registered with a different email id. Downloaded the community edition again. After all this still facing the same issue. Any thoughts?

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Try running as administrator. And could you give me your device ID so we could check?

Tried running as administrator. Still the same error. Here is the device id - ppkevKlCys9z/eyGYCUn

next step?

contact our support to invalidate that license code.

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