WORKAROUND: "Device ID already activated" error

UPDATE: The error is resolved starting with 2019.4 version. Please get the latest Studio version.

Device ID already activated - as I have mentioned before, this happens when you previously activated your Studio with a Trial key and after expiring you want to go back to using Community Edition.

Only in special situations the Trial can be extended or the Device ID released from our licensing server. So, since there are so many questions around this, here is what you can do in order to use Community Edition:

Community Edition license agreement here.
UiPath Trial Agreement here.


Hi @ovi,

I have tried to do this and realized that the license which is provided from Orchestrator is Enterprise Edition. I don’t know that it could be renewed unlimited as Community Version or this license would be expired as Trial Code in Enterprise.

Hope to receive your quick response.

Trung Nguyen

It says Enterprise Edition because it’s licensed through the one of the 2 free Robots in Orchestrator CE. As you can see, the License Provider in Studio Help is Orchestrator. This license has nothing to do with the Trial code, it will be renewed unlimited.

Maybe we can explore the idea of removing the “Enterprise Edition” so it won’t be so confusing for Community Edition users.

Thanks for the feedback!


Wow, it’s amazing. I just need your confirmation about the license about Orchestrator.

Thanks so much.


Hi Ozi,

I’ve decided to try out this solution but the Studio keeps giving me this error

Here’s the robot that I’ve created

I’ll appreciate if anyone else who might have a clue can help me out too.


See here for more info:


Thanks bud. But the problem is already resolved. :blush:

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