Hi @fractal

If you hover over the “Robot unavailable” text, you will get the reason for the error in a pop-up note. Please type the error on the forum and you should find the answer :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your guidance! It works!

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Thanks for replying.

My issue could not be resolved as the robot status is disconnected and i can not find the robot key to connect it to the orchestrator.

Hey Balu,

I m trying to activate the license(Enterprise) in VDI and Devide id is not captured(Should be default)

Hi @Syed_Pasha,

The license I am not much aware of it. I think we get help from @loginerror

Thank you

Thanks…Any Xaml for checking Server health… Like CPU Usage …Space…

Hi @Syed_Pasha,

Yes you have the component for it, Check it the below one.


Thanks Bala,

I have checked it already developed by Priya Dubey from UIPATH.
But we are using 2018.2.3 Studio which is not compatabile hence requested for Xaml

Has this resolved? i do have this issue, trying to install for the first time and it didnt work