Device ID already activated - Help

Hello All,

I’m trying to install the CE version of Uipath on my machine for the first time and I’m getting this message. Need some help on what needs to be done from those who have faced a similar issue.

Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: Cannot use Community Edition on this machine after activating a trial or Enterprise license code. Please enter a valid license key.
License status: Device ID already activated

Computer: XXXXXXXX

Thanks ,

I have tried installing the Community version for the first time today and still faced this issue. What is the workaround to get it resolved.

Did you followed the solution given in the previous post link?

Just follow the solution given in that thread.

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik , I tried the solution from the link , but it’s still throwing the same message.
Also the link has solution for device activated with a license code in the past .


@KarthikByggari We cannot reach out to UiPath support right because we are using Community Edition or can we ? Even I am facing this issue but the thing is I never activated any code rather than using the CE from day 1 and now it starts to throwing this error for no reason.

Now support is only for enterprise users.
For community edition, we have to get help from this forum only.

Please refer this link below. This is workaround for this issue.

If you still not able to resolve, please comment in the given below.

The team will assist you.

Karthik Byggari

@KarthikByggari I am not sure on how to do the step 2. Do we need to do in Orchestrator settings ?



Go to orchestrator, and open machines tab and create a standard machine, provision it and click on view, copy the machine key from machines tab and paste in orchestrator settings.

I had the same issue. I connected with orchestrator but still I cant use orchestrator. Kindly advice on what else can be done.


In orchestrator did you configure robot and provided license, if not can you go to robot tab create a robot and provide a type of license (development, unattended, attended, etc) .