Different Logging Levels: Orchestrator and Execution Log

Hi all, I’m trying to set logging level in Orchestrator to “Info” while my Log Messages inside the robots are at Trace Level (so as I will be able to check only Info level in Orchestrator). However, I need to see these Log Messages (at Trace Level) on my Execution Logs in order to better troubleshoot.
Is there a way to see different logging levels regarding Orchestrator and Execution Logs?

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Hey, sorry for digging up old topic, but it’s the closest one to my problem, ale sadly not resolved yet.
I need to see logs of level Warning and above in Orchestrator, but have stored logs of Information and above locally on bot machine for better debugging. It looks like log level set in Orchestrator sets it for both Orchestrator logs and local logs stored in *Excecution.log files.
I have set up logging level to Warning in Orchestrator…

…and modified NLog.config file located in UiPath\Studio from below line
<logger name="WorkflowLogging" writeTo="WorkflowLogFiles" final="true" />
<logger name="WorkflowLogging" minLevel="Info" writeTo="WorkflowLogFiles" final="true" />
Sadly, even after restarting machine it still was logging anything from Warning level in Orchestrator and in Excecution.log file locally on the machine.
I am launching unattended bot from Orchestrator if that’s make any difference.
Had no idea this will be so hard.

I believe this explains the behavior that you observe:

Maybe this could be overcome by remove Logging Level option in Orchestrator and defininig multiple targets and rules in NLOG.CONFIG
as described in Configuration file · NLog/NLog Wiki · GitHub


Thanks for your answer @J0ska
If I would like to configure different logging levels via NLog file only then I wouldn’t even know where to start with setting up Orchestrator logs. By default there is no entry that looks like it’s for Orchestrator, while still logs are being sent to Orchestrator. So I guess this is happening independently of that file?
Below is a sample from unmodified NLog.config file:

    <logger name="WorkflowLogging" writeTo="WorkflowLogFiles" final="true" />
    <logger minLevel="Info" writeTo="EventLog" />
    <target type="File" name="WorkflowLogFiles" fileName="${WorkflowLoggingDirectory}/${shortdate}_Execution.log" layout="${time} ${level} ${message}" keepFileOpen="true" openFileCacheTimeout="5" concurrentWrites="true" encoding="utf-8" writeBom="true" />
    <target type="EventLog" name="EventLog" layout="${processname} ${assembly-version} ${newline}${message}" source="UiPath" log="Application" />

I doubt I will find an answer in Configuration file · NLog/NLog Wiki · GitHub as this is not specifically about logging in UiPath, but a general one for NLog.

Hi @mateuszmacheta
in robot documentation is separate Orchestrator target and NLog target

Therefore it seems these are independent and you can only adjust the NLog one, i.e. what is written to the log file.


All right, so the idea here would be to set Orchestrator logging level in Orchestrator bot settings and set different logging level for Execution.log in NLog.config file. Too bad it isn’t working for me :frowning:
Maybe I’ll check on different computer, not sure what I’m doing wrong.