Need help with logs!

Good afternoon All,

I have an issue with logs that are created and displayed on UiPath Studio are not displayed under Orchestrator logs. I did put the logging level on Orchestrator settings as a Verbose. Still do not see the logs that I use to see during the execution on UiPath Studio. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @Thrall

Try this post

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

I do have logs on my Orchestrator. My problem is I don’t see the Log from Log Message Activity that I do see while debug or run the code on my UiPath Studio. The logs under the Orchestrator are very limited and I am not sure if my job is running properly or not. It is just showing when the job started and when it ended that’s it. Please refer to the attached screenshots below.


Hi @Thrall
Go to program data and check the logs