Problem with Logs in Orchestrator


I am executing a process that has a custom log message activitiy with a message that I want to see.
I found that if you are conected to orchestrator you can see all the info or error log that your execution generates at Log Page in Orchestrator, but when I triggered a Job since Orchestrator, I enter to Log Page in Robots and I see nothing:

Important: Orchestrator status: conected, Robot logging level:info, version:2019.10.2

Log messages and the error I can see them in local in C:\Users\vector\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs
but these is not that I want, i want to see them in Orchestrator like this:

thank you very much!

Hi @Emilymia92,

Is it licenced?
Maybe change the interval.


Yes, it is…


Are you using the community orchestrator?
If not It could be the database where they are being saved or the connection between the machine and the database?

Try changing the Interval Filter at the top to “Any.” The 2019.10.2 update defaults all the log intervals to “Last day” rather than the period when it was run. It’s annoying if you’re looking at logs from prior days.

hi @Emilymia92 ,
go to your robots (not from Orchestrator)
go to settings => change log level to (information)

there might be a probability:your bot log level mention as limited