Logging levels in Orchestrator

How do I change the logging levels from Trace to Info in Orchestrator?

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Do you mean you want to filter out only “Info” Logs in Orchestrator

You can Achive it by clicking on Logs → Filters → Level , where you can select the log levels to info

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No this is not what I’m looking for. We do not want to capture/store Trace logging in Orchestrator. How do I turn this off?

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Can you please explain your requirement in more detail so that we can help with the it.


I don’t want to capture Trace logs in Orchestrator - it fills up our database and is not necessary. How can I turn that off?

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Please have a look on the Logs Storage, i think there is no way to turn the Trace Logs off directly from orchestrator.

About Logs (uipath.com)


Can you confirm this please? They had previously been ‘turned off’ but are now on, causing issues with our database storage.

Please have a look on Configuration of logs.

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Go to UiPath assistant-> Preferences → Orchestrator Settings-> under Logging section select the preferred level.


Where do I find UiPath Assistant?? We are On Prem - not in the cloud…if that matters.

The UI Path Assistance will be on the Bot Machine, just search for uipath Assistance in the Bot Machine and follow the above steps suggested by @athira.somasekharan.


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If you don’t have access to Assistant, can you try this:
Orchestrator → Robot → Edit → Settings → Logging Level