Cannot get logs in orchestrator

Hello, i am learning about logs but, when i am running my workflow through orchestrator, i have added a log message activity and add log field tool cannot see any logs there can anyone help me about this! in the logs section its showing no data to show

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You have to set the logging level.

Thank you for replying in a sequence i have given all the loging levels with the messages, still when i check the jobs section, logs are empty . in fact i added an argument to count the no. of lines and show it in logs that’s also not reflecting there

Can you check in the Robot tray, what is the logging level?

u r asking about logging level in settings tab of robot tray right ??
thats set to information, actually i am just learning things don’t have much knowledge about the stuff.

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Hi @Priya_Pandey , after all, could you solve it? Because i´m having the same issue.

I have the same problem. My robot is conected with orchestrator. In fact I triggered a job in orchestrator with my robot and my process was succesfull but when I go to looking for my custom log message I cannot found anything at Log Page in Orchestrator… in local there it is but in Log page no…