Decisions, Iterations, and Scenarios in StudioX - Working With Multiple Templates

Let’s talk a little bit about more complex tasks where decisions, iterations, and scenarios are needed.

In your own context, how can you see them used? And now that you learned about making your robot take decisions, go through iterations and work in scenarios, do you find RPA more valuable?

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One question regarding the solution of the ‘working with multiple templates’ exercice.

I didn’t understand why we put ‘use word file’ activity after IF activity. Shouldn’t we put ‘use word file’ in the ‘then’ part?

Thanks in advance for clarification.

I used it inside the ‘then’ block. using it outside “if” block did not work for me. I guess because of file relative path. did add a couple of seconds delay after the “copy file activity” to ensure file is available for the edit.

Let me give a help on your question, the [use file] was put after [copy file ] to only use the copy version, if you try to use the file while the file not exist yet, it may cause error. Or you will end up edit the template resume