Decisions, Iterations, and Scenarios in StudioX - Practice - Iterations

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Hi there,

I am just wondering why we had to do the iterations for each row in this exercise to obtain the transaction number. We were able to obtain transaction numbers using the For Each activity within the selected range in the previous exercise. Can anyone explain why?


Best explanation

Found a small mistake in the “Practice - Organize Your Local Drive (2) - Robot Path.pdf”.

The last If statement (which purpose is to move Image files to the Image folder) has a condition of “CurrentFile.Extension is equal to .pdf”.

It should be .png instead of .pdf.

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I was having some trouble with my variables and when I downloaded the solution I saw the “Inputs” sections…but I don’t recall going over that in the course materials. Where can I find the Input topic? (And more importantly why do I need it if Browse for Folder and Browse for File automatically pop up the dialog box and save the info to a variable???)

I’m confused as to why when I am building my automation on my studio x, there is no + in my create folder to be able to find my FoldertoOrganize\Spreadsheets
Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 3.57.14 PM,
Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 3.56.41 PM,
but when I download the solution which I run on my current version of Studio X has the + in the create folder section.

Which I had just found the solution to, I need to use “Else If” and not the “If” function. Which I am also confused about because practice says to use “if” but I cannot proceed with practice if I don’t use “else if”. ah, frustrating and confusing.

Hi, I noticed the same mistake in the Robot Path.

It can also be improved to target other image file types using the OR logical operator as shown below.

<[CurrentFile.Extension]) equal to .jpg OR
<[CurrentFile.Extension]) equal to .png OR
<[CurrentFile.Extension]) equal to .bmp OR
<[CurrentFile.Extension]) equal to .gif

In the practice of organizing local Drive (2), it seems like it is not necessary to include “[CurrentFile] Name” to the end when moving the files. Just leaving it as “FolderToOrganize
Presentations” seems to work. Can someone explain why we need to specify the files with this “[CurrentFile]” even it works without it?

Move File
From: [CurrentFile] Full Name
To: FolderToOrganize
[CurrentFile] Name